Managing a football team, even a strong one, is difficult. To do this, you would need a professional, to work with the players individually and in a team, to solve not only tactical, but also psychological problems.
You can call a talented mentor who, together with his clubs, won many victories, or helped to realize their potential, making them real football stars. It is rather difficult for even a recognized expert to rank the best football trainers, especially if you consider the entire history of the game.

The main criteria by which such ratings are compiled are:

  • list of awards won by the team and personal;
  • impact on world football;
  • contribution in the form of football innovations, strategies and tactics of the game;
  • authority for the team.

Rinus Michels

He began his stellar career as a club player, and then began to coach him, winning 8 championships. His famous “total football” tactic not only forced a new look at the team game, but is still relevant today.
After Ajax, Michels was the mentor of Barcelona, ​​with him the team became the champion of Spain. The football strategist enjoyed great prestige as coach of the Dutch national team that won the European Championship in 1988. In the last year of the last millennium, he was called the “coach of the century.” His example shows the football world that the main award is not cups, and not even victories as such, but the contribution that talented teachers make to history.

Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson, the Scot who was at the head of Aberdeen football club, and who already achieved great success there, at the dawn of his career.Later, he began to train Manchester United, and all the success of this team is associated with the name of Ferguson. Together with the team, he was 25 years old, and collected 49 awards together with the players. The team has an impressive list of victories: the first positions in the Premier League, a double victory in the Champions League, and winning the European Super Cup.
He won in the last century, and continued to do so in the present. Saying goodbye to football, Ferguson retained the last word by winning the last Manchester United title, he was not only a talented football player, but also a brilliant teacher who raised a whole generation of young talents – “Fergie’s chicks”.

Josep Guardiola

After a career as an excellent football player, he switched to coaching, and in 2008 became the head of Barcelona. Cardinal changes were made in the team, risky strategies that fully justified themselves were used. With Barcelona, ​​14 trophies were won, including two Champions League cups.
Bayern (Munich) became a new step on the career ladder and then the English Manchester City football club, which, thanks to the efforts of a brilliant mentor, complemented by good funding, has every chance of becoming the strongest FC. The tiki-taka style of play developed by the innovator and strategist can be used even in the strongest leagues.

Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff (Holland), rightfully ranked 4th in the top football coaches, is an example of how a great player can become a great trainer.
He played in Ajax, then in Barcelona, with which he won the golden ball three times, and then coached these teams. Together with the innovations he brought to total football, Cruyff is famous for creating the Dream Team, and successfully laying the foundation for football schools. Experts believe that his contribution to the development of team play is no less than that of Michels.

Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti, a football coach who won 3 UEFA Champions League titles: twice as Milan coach and once again as Real Madrid coach.
He is in the TOP-20 of the most titled coaches. There was not a single major failure in his career, but with every team he coached, some major trophy was won. This is the only mentor in the world who has won victories in the championships of Spain, Italy, England, Germany.

Why did we choose these coaches?

Having a strong vision and the right type of coaching takes effort, but preparing a team for extreme levels of performance is more difficult. For this reason, every exceptional team needs an extraordinary coach with leadership, ethics, reputation and experience. These are the characters that make them the best coaches in the world.